Why My PLR is Awesome

Yes, I’m serious. Let’s see!

1º) Most of my articles are so lengthy you can split them in half and make two great articles out of each.

The word count in most PLR stores ranges from 300 to 400 words per article, and for $1 apiece. On Timpa PLR, most articles are in the 600-700 word range, some of them going over 1000 words (with an ocassional 1500+ word monster), and yet the price is still $1 apiece.

I don’t know know why would anyone pay a $1 for 300-400 word PLR articles when they can get 2-3 times that amount of content for the same price, and in great quality as well.

2º) The quality of these articles is so good that you’ll want to put your name on them.

My articles are not only lenghty, but well researched also. There are no filler sentences and a bland voice in them, only facts, figures and topics written in an engaging way that will get your readers through the entire article.

This is the type of stuff my buyers say (excerpts from emails they sent me):

“I’m impressed by your work” Ryan Dressler

“Got’em and they look GREAT! Thanks so much” Deborah Watson-Novacek

“I would just like to say thank you. The quality of the plr
you sell is fantastic. I placed an order last week and was very
impressed.” Amy Francis

Don’t take their word for it, buy some of my PLR and I guarantee you’ll be back for more.

3º) You can buy INDIVIDUAL articles.

This is something that I haven’t seen any other PLR site offer: The ability to download individual articles from a PLR pack instead of the whole pack.

Because some of my PLR topics include dozens of articles, I decided that I’d be making a huge service for my buyers by offering the possibility of choosing WHICH articles to buy and buy only those. This is convenient for buyers in two ways: 1) It allows them to buy PLR on a budget, deciding exactly how much money they’ll spend on my PLR and not a cent more; and 2) It allows them to pay only for the PLR they’ll use, meaning, they can be selective and choose only certain articles out of all the articles each PLR pack offers.

BONUS: My PLR articles are NOT duplicated 100s of times all across the web.

Because TimpaPLR.com is rather new and has been around only for a few months, my PLR hasn’t been sold that much yet, in fact, most of my PLR packs have not sold a copy yet and those who did have sold no more than a few (my best selling PLR pack, Youtube PLR, has sold only 4 copies as of July 24th, 2013, when I’m updating this). This makes my PLR extremely FRESH and chances are whatever PLR pack or article you buy from my store you’ll find it probably isn’t even be published on the web yet.

Look what one buyer said (he bought 2 individual articles before deciding to buy the full pack):

Your material is very good and the first two articles that I got show up nowhere in Copyscape or on a Google text search. Nice…

So you’re basically getting super high quality, lenghty and UNIQUE articles for the most part, at the price of PLR.

I don’t know about you but I’m very confortable saying that this is the best PLR deal you’ll ever find 😉 Go to the Store and find out!

I have no doubt you’ll be extremely satisfied by your purchasing experience here at TimpaPLR.com and you’ll be back for more!