meA big welcome to Timpa PLR. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I have been using PLR in my internet marketing efforts for quite some time. I can’t rave enough about the benefits of PLR. However, I quickly learned that there is quite a bit of PLR out there that unfortunately, isn’t great.

The biggest problem I’ve found is PLR articles overflowing with fluff and very little facts. You’ve seen them, these are the pieces that are not even worth using because there is essentially nothing to re-write.

TimpaPLR.com is the brain child of that experience. I truly believe PLR will continue to be an extremely valuable tool for internet marketers and website owners especially if the quality is taken up a notch. A BIG notch.

My goal is to provide outstandingly good PLR articles chock-full of facts and figures, and no fluff. That way you have a great foundation off of which to create your own product or build a following.

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