High Word Count, Top-Notch PLR Articles!

You need professionally written, high-quality PLR articles for your online business.

That’s what I provide.

  • Not everyone has time to write or even likes to write. That’s okay.
  • TimpaPLR has the writing already done for you for you so you can concentrate on what you do best: serving your target market.
  • All original, top quality, fresh new content you can put to immediate use.

New Writers and New Content.

  • New writers are welcomed to join TimpaPLR. More information here.
  • Customers now can request new PLR articles. If there is a PLR article we do not have, you can request it. More information here.

Why use PLR?

On the internet, content is king. Everyone agrees on that. You need lots of content frequently.

But you don’t just need any content. You need great content in order to have satisfied customers. If your prospective clients land on your page but don’t find value, they will click away and never return.

The content on your site needs to solve their problems, answer their questions and turn them into paying customers.

  • Today’s web users are savvy: they know whether they are being truly helped or simply strung along.
  • Turn your visitors into fans by consistently offering them high quality, value-laden information.

Great content piques visitors interest, keeps them hanging around and reading the rest of your material, it keeps their eyeballs glued to your page. You and I can tell spun content, and guess what? So can your visitors!

If you are not familiar with PLR, read my awesome Learning Guides and my PLR Terms. You will find PLR can be used in a wide variety of ways and a single PLR pack can be “repurposed” many times into several different information products.

Where Can I Get All This High Quality Articles?

Chances are you can’t pay the price asked for enough pages of good quality bespoke content to both fill and promote your site.

That is where PLR comes in as the perfect solution.

By using high quality PLR articles on your websites, you are tapping into one of the secrets of successful internet marketers everywhere.

Do you really have time to research and write all that content? Your time is better spent serving your customers, marketing your expertise and creating new problem-solving resources for your clients.

Let TimpaPLR get the writing done for you.

Imagine packs of high quality articles sent to you today and ready for you to use – how great would that be?

The hard work has been done, all you need to do is copy and paste, rewrite if you want, submit… and you’re done!!

The Quality You Can Expect From Timpa’s PLR

Just because you want PLR material – it doesn’t mean that you are not fussy about the content that you get – I get that too.

Timpa PLR articles are not your Typical PLR articles!

There are no rambling paragraphs or word-stuffed sentences that leave you wondering what you just read. Instead, you get well-researched, intelligently-written content that actually provides useful, well-outlined information. My PLR articles really are superb quality. Check out what my buyers say!

That means you get PLR content you can use “out of the box” without spending hours trying to make it usable.

While a lot of PLR is cringe worthy and needs substantial rewriting, Timpa offers such great content that you’ll WANT to put your name to it. Getting articles of this type from a ghostwriter would cost $25 per article or more, but here you can have it at $1 per article, and not 300-500 word articles like most PLR stores, here in Timpa PLR store you get most articles on the 600-800 words range and some even longer (with an occasional 1500+ words monster), all in a flat rate and without the ties of a membership site.

I always recommend rewriting the articles to make them more unique – the great thing about my articles is that they contain so much actual content that you could easily get 2 very good, unique articles from the original. Try doing that with most PLR out there!

Timpa’s focus is always on quality. Regardless of how you plan to use the articles, you will have content you can be proud to call your own.

Whether you want PLR content for your authority site, blog, newsletter series, eBook empire, report, review or to use as general information I bet that you’ll find it here! Not only will your time be freed up so that you can concentrate on more important things, but your site will also fit with what the search engines like as well. Superb quality content and plenty of it!

Why Should You Choose Timpa PLR Store Over Other PLR Stores?

  • Professional PLR at $1 per 600-800 word articles. NO ONE offers this low price for PLR content this good!
  • No Membership required. You buy what you want, when you need it!
  • Top-Notch Content, Superb Quality!
  • FRESH content, meaning it has little to none duplication across the web!

Choose your PLR topics and get started!